This is the start of a new year for one of our great customers, Advanced Drainage Systems. ADS has been in business over 40 years and has become a billion dollar a year company. If you have ever seen corrugated black plastic pipe with a green stripe that is ADS. ADS produces pipe ranging in diameter from 3 to 60 inches but that is not the only product they make. They boast over 40 manufacturing plants, 30 distribution yards, 600 tractors and 1000 trailers. ADS in not only a manufacturer but an innovator holding numerous patents. ADS is also a very large plastics recycler, they have multiple recycling plants nation wide and make pipe with varying percentages of recycled plastic.

As this is the new year we are starting a new year of upgrades to ADS plants. We are scheduled to visit 6 plants in 5 states traveling from coast to coast and retrofitting a total of 7 breakers.