Dayton Children’s Generator Bussing

On this project we replaced the existing load side bus bar of the generator breaker. The existing bus bar would only accept a maximum of 6 cables. We made new bar that would accommodate 8 cables. When designing the new bus bar the center phase was extended down to make terminating the cables easier for the contractor. The neutral was also modified to accept more cables and to install the new neutral CT. This completed the last of the 3 generators that we have done for Dayton Children’s over the past 2 years.

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ADS – Advanced Drainage Systems

This is the start of a new year for one of our great customers, Advanced Drainage Systems. ADS has been in business over 40 years and has become a billion dollar a year company. If you have ever seen corrugated black plastic pipe with a green stripe that is ADS. ADS produces pipe ranging in diameter from 3 to 60 inches but that is not the only product they make. They boast over 40 manufacturing plants, 30 distribution yards, 600 tractors and 1000 trailers. ADS in not only a manufacturer but an innovator holding numerous patents. ADS is also a very large plastics recycler, they have multiple recycling plants nation wide and make pipe with varying percentages of recycled plastic.

As this is the new year we are starting a new year of upgrades to ADS plants. We are scheduled to visit 6 plants in 5 states traveling from coast to coast and retrofitting a total of 7 breakers.

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Voltage Regulator

Today we are doing something we don’t get to do very often, bench work. We are repairing and rebuilding Siemens voltage regulators. The repair its self is fairly simple but all the parts that have to be removed to complete the repair is what makes the job more complex but we don’t mind complex. We usually get called when things get complex or challenging and we always enjoy a good challenge!

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Good Samaritan

Working with Kathman Electric at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, OH we completed an early morning project for the Catheterization Lab. This project was to sever the bus bar tie between two sections of switch gear so that it could be re-fed from a new switch gear located in another area. After removing the bus bar tie we installed new bus bar, supports, braces and lug pads for Kathman Electric to land their new cables.

Good Samaritan 2 Good Samaritan 1

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Logan Aluminum

We were asked by Square D to take a look at a 700 volt DC system at Logan Aluminum in Russellville, KY. The job was to double the existing bus bar system to increase the maximum ampacity. After looking at the job and discussing it with the project management team, we at March Equipment, presented them with calculations showing that the current bus bar system is capable of handling the load that is being added and that there is no reason for Logan Aluminum to spend  money on a bus bar system upgrade.

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Meyer Tool

Meyer Tool is working to upgrade their power equipment. They would like us to add a new main breaker ahead of the current six disconnects. We have designed a circuit breaker retrofit and bus bar system to be installed in the existing cabinet above the metering and before the six disconnects.

Meyer Tool Before 1 Meyer Tool Before 2

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Cyrus One

Today we looked at a job replacing 40 battery breakers for data centers around Cincinnati. We were asked to design an assembly that can easily be installed if they have another breaker failure during a PM outage.

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20,000 Hp Frequency Drive

As a part of a large upgrade to Siemens motor facility in Norwood, OH, we have started designing the medium voltage bus bar system for the test motors. This equipment allows for the connection of a motor, up to 20,000 Hp, to be tested.

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St Elizabeth Key Interlocks

One of our best customers asked us to look into there key interlock system. They have been having problems with the system and more specifically locks not working. The customer and I decided that the easiest and best solution we to replace the locks with new. This system has locks on 8 different breakers for the normal and emergency power.

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ADS – Ideal Pipe Thorndale, ON, CA

In Canada today we removed a 1200 amp Pringle switch and retrofitted a new Square D P-Frame breaker in a Siemens switch board. This was our first time doing a project in Canada. The trip was interesting but the install was great. We got to work around more of ADS’s, always friendly and helpful employees. After the install the equipment had to be inspected and relisted which also could not have gone better. This completed another retrofit in the ever growing list we have done for Advanced Drainage Systems.

IMG_20160916_102148012 IMG_20160925_073558851 IMG_20160925_112206463

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