ADS Waverly, NY

As part of an effort to upgrade their plants company wide Advanced Drainage Systems has allowed us the opportunity to help by removing bolted pressure switches and installing new Square D breakers. Today we are removing a 3000 amp Pringle and retrofitting a new Square D NW breaker. With our 3D CAD drawings we are able to pre-make all of our parts keeping this shutdown to only 6 hours. Next we are off to Canada.

IMG_20160923_091337469 IMG_20160923_125618241 IMG_20160923_130745109

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ADS Brazil Retrofit

We are in Brazil, IN removing a Square D Bolt-Loc, covers and supports. Then retrofitting a new Square D R-Frame breaker.

IMG_20160910_081608987 IMG_20160910_083424833 IMG_20160910_114312223 IMG_20160910_121554538

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